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Re: Java packages and autopkgtest

On Sun, 6 Dec 2020, Roger Shimizu wrote:

> I think dh_auto_configure prepares the environment, and real test is
> performed by dh_auto_test.

I think so, you think so, ok, let’s check.

	sub test {
		my $this=shift;
		if (!@_) {
			push(@_, "test");
		$this->doit_in_builddir(@{$this->{maven_cmd}}, @_);

Yes, it does “mvn test”.

> If the package is java library, the test is sufficient for autopkgtest.

This “test” is *absolutely n̲o̲t̲* qualifying as autopkgtest
because autopkgtests are all about *as-installed* package
testing, and “mvn test” will locally rebuild then test that.

Packages using this are buggy. Unsure about the severity,
probably not rc.

We probably should let maven-debian-helper’s dh module
abort any building (dh_auto_{build,test}) if run under
autopkgtests to enforce this.

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