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Re: List of consultants focusing on Debian packaging for Java?

Antonin Delpeuch (lists):
Hi Emmanuel,

On 06/12/2020 22:18, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:

Did you consider building a .deb package with jdeb [1] ? It's an
alternative that involves much less work than uploading to the Debian
repository. For a complex and very specialized software like OpenRefine
that might be more suitable. This list can still give some guidance on
how to structure the package and ensure it plays well with the Java
ecosystem in Debian.

This is also a good idea, which would probably be much easier to
implement and impose less constraints on our dependency management.
Maybe for an end-user tool like OpenRefine this is the best approach indeed.

But the end goal of this is to really ease installation of the tool for
end users, and I am not sure if it is easier for users to add a
repository to their sources.list, update and install, or to simply unzip
an archive on their computer and run the tool from there.

Obviously getting into the Debian repository would be ideal. But perhaps
it would serve our current user base better to use Snap / Flatpak (for
instance with the aim to be available in the Ubuntu Software Center),
even if I much prefer the philosophy of Debian packaging.

Keep the suggestions coming, this is super useful!

It makes me very happy to see that you are working on getting the software you rely on into Debian!

If your goal is to make it easy for end users, then the right way is to get the packages into Debian proper. Then users can just `apt-get install openrefine` without thinking about it.

Third party package repositories are a thing, like Ubuntu PPAs, aptly, JFrog Debian Repositories, etc. Unfortunately, due to Debian Apt's design, that means giving root access to each repository (package pre-install/remove/etc scripts are run as root). So installing via external repositories means the user need to consider whether they trust those third party repositories with root access.


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