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Re: old version of scala

On 15.02.2019 18:49, Markus Koschany wrote:
Frederic did the bootstrap part wrong. Unfortunately nobody corrected
him in time before he tried to use the prebuilt upstream binaries for
bootstrapping sbt. Just ignore the current rules file. We have to come
up with something better.

Ok, I can take a look at the current build script and see if I can create a shell compile command that can build sbt.

Incidentally I have been talking with the Scala community and some SIP and WG Committee members, they said they would really appreciate a contribution to compile sbt with a shell script.

Also, it was stated that scala 2.12 is built with sbt 1. Which is a bit surprising. I will to dig into that, maybe I misread the compilation outbut from sbt. If that is the case then the entire dependency tree becomes much simpler and might solve the chicken and egg problem by itself.

Theu did also confirm that scala 2.12 and sbt 1 should be built with jdk8, so that solves the problem of needing jdk6 to built 0.13.

This might take some time and by the time we are getting close to something, maybe scala 2.12 is jdk 11 compatible... or scala 2.13 is out... who knows.


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