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Re: old version of scala

On 14.02.2019 18:19, Markus Koschany wrote:
Experimental is merely a playground for developers who think their
packages are not ready for unstable yet. What you usually do is to
bootstrap the package and build all those parts that are essential to
get a functional compiler/build tool. Then you upload the package and
the second upload will then remove the boostrapping code and depend on
your uploaded package. Now you can build the package with itself because
we have a working package in Debian.

Either this is what I had in mind originally or some detail is missing.

Said another way, the rules script is in two parts. The first part is used in experimental, to download external sbt tools to bootstrap the build of the pre-version sbt in debian. Then upload the experimental package to unstable. Which in part to of the script, it can be used to build the actual sbt version.

If so then that solves the chicken and egg problem, If not then the rules script is doing something which is not explained or not "legal"?

Also, then I can use jdk-8 to build the newest version of sbt, 1.2.8 and then scala-2.12.8

Am I getting closer?


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