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Re: old version of scala

Hi Thomas,

[I add debian-java back to CC in case someone else can reply with
something helpful]

Am 12.02.19 um 22:17 schrieb Thomas Finneid:
> On 08.02.2019 22:12, Markus Koschany wrote:
>> First of all thank you for your interest in helping us to improve Scala
>> in Debian. Unfortunately none of the active team members is a Scala
> Thanks, Markus! And thanks for the super-quick "how-to", it got me
> started actually looking at the packages, to understand how Sbt has been
> compiled. Scala is easier to compile, cause 2.11.x version have Ant files.
>> The major challenge is that we can't rely on an external binary release
>> unless we can build it from source ourselves. No prebuilt jar files and
>> no downloads of external resources at build time.
> Does this apply to the contrib and non-free sections as well?

There are different rules for contrib and non-free. [1] You could
package scala and sbt for contrib, because both pieces of software
comply with the DFSG. If you use a prebuilt package for building them,
then they can't be in main and all packages that depend on scala and sbt
also had to be in contrib. For me that would be unsatisfactory. The
great thing about Debian main is that every piece of software is free
software, receives security support and when users type "apt install
$package" then they don't even have to know how this package is built or
in which language the software is written. It just works. The contrib
distribution would make scala and sbt basically a second class citizen
in Debian.

>> We already have a version of sbt in Debian. I don't know if that can
>> help with the boostrapping problem of newer versions. If that is not
>> possible we need to find another way to build sbt from source without
>> sbt itself. Ant will probably come to the rescue and someone has to
>> write a build script. Hopefully this will solve the chicken and egg
>> problem.
> Thanks, I wasn't aware there was an sbt package already, but found it in
> unstable, as you suggested. I tested it, but unfortunately it does not
> work too well. I ran into execution problem when trying it.
> Sbt can be upgraded to either latest in the 0.13.x branch or the 1.x,y
> branch. I think starting with 0.13 is easiest, espceially if I need to
> write an Ant file.

I'm not even sure if you have to write an Ant file. I suggest you
contact Frédéric Bonnard who introduced sbt to Debian. He stopped
working on sbt at some point because of time constraints but maybe he
can give you some ideas to solve this problem as quick as possible. The
email address can be found at https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/sbt. Just
keep one of the bug reports in CC to document the progress and for
future contributors.





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