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Re: old version of scala

On Thu, 7 Feb 2019, Thomas Finneid wrote:

> One thought, both the scala team and the sbt team produces .deb
> packages, can they be uploaded as final distribution packages, or even
> used as the the toolchain package on the CI system?

No, of course absolutely not.

> > > So to build on CI system, is it allowed to preconfigure it manually with
> > > the
> > > newest sbt version, i.e. version 1.x, from a tarball download?
> > 
> > No.
> Ok? Do I understand it correctly that everything has to be built from
> scratch and the build system can only to be configured using debian
> packages?


> How can one introduce new things into the system for which
> there is no preexisting package or toolchain?

Not at all.

Some cross-compiling things to get things bootstrapped is often
possible, for C stuff at least. But otherwise… not normally, and
especially not if there’s another way to do it, no matter how
painful it may be.

Recommended reading:

This is even more recommended as I understand that Scala is
some sort of compiler?

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