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sbt / scala and jdk 6 and 8


I have been looking into language and jdk version requirements for the different version of sbt and scala, for compiling and running. I have experienced problems if they did not compile or run on their target jdk versions.

So far I have concluded that sbt 0.13.17 requires jdk-6 to compile properly. Unfortunately. I cant make it compile properly without jdk-8, to produce a correctly running binary. Running it with jdk-8 seems to be no problem. (We could of course look at upgrading to Sbt 1.2.8, which compiles and runs on jdk-8, I assume, but havent checked that yet. Want to look into the Sbt chicken and egg problem first.)

For Scala 2.11 and 2.12 I found that it requires jdk-8. To support higher versions, there is still a bit of work to be done in Scala. In the future, Scala will target their development and testing at LTS versions of openJdk only, all other versions are left to the community to test.

Is there a jdk6 version available in Debian? I think I have read something about removing jdk-8 from debian, is that correct?

Also, if I understand the Debian/Java Policy correctly, all jvm-based packages must depend on default-jre/jdk, which at the moment is openJdk-11. Is it not possible to specify a lower version for some packages?



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