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Re: old version of scala

Am 14.02.19 um 00:22 schrieb Thomas Finneid:
> On 12.02.2019 22:40, Markus Koschany wrote:
>> There are different rules for contrib and non-free. [1] You could
>> package scala and sbt for contrib, because both pieces of software
>> comply with the DFSG. If you use a prebuilt package for building them,
>> then they can't be in main and all packages that depend on scala and sbt
>> also had to be in contrib. For me that would be unsatisfactory. The
> A related up question, how does one deal with jar dependencies, that
> e.g. sbt or maven needs when build an application? Some dependencies,
> might be library packages, but others might need to be patched to work
> for the debuild process specifically (and could not be used as a release
> build)

There is nothing special to do. We have packaged a lot of libraries and
applications already, so in most cases you can build-depend on an
already existing package in Debian. If you need a new dependency then
you have to package that one too. The dependencies should ideally work
together with all their reverse-dependencies in Debian. It is not good
practice to make a sbt/scala specific change to some library that cannot
be upstreamed or that we have to carry for ever. This makes maintenance
just more difficult for all of us.

What you can do of course is to patch sbt or scala. We use so-called
quilt patches. For instance take a look at sbt. In debian/patches you
can see several Debian specific patches that change the default Maven
repository for example.



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