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Eclipse and Debian


This email is a general request for information about using Eclipse
(both packaged or downloaded directly from upstream) on Debian systems.

There is a packaging wiki page[1], it links to a missing page
https://wiki.debian.org/Eclipse - would somebody consider creating that
page and maybe adding answers to some of these questions there?

Some high-level questions:

- the current version of the package[2] is 3.8 (Juno), are there any
fundamental issues with newer versions or is it just a lack of manpower?

- for people who want to download later versions (e.g. Oxygen) directly
from upstream, could anybody comment on the JVM (OpenJDK or Oracle) and
version to use on the current and previous Debian stable release?  Maybe
a table on the wiki with Debian versions, JVM versions and Eclipse
versions would be useful if anybody is inclined to create it.

- upstream provides their own mechanism for adding and updating packages
within Eclipse.  Could anybody comment on some of the implications for
Linux users, in particular:
   - how to ensure several hosts (laptop, office desktop, home desktop)
have an identical set of plugins
   - how to ensure several hosts (laptop, office desktop, home desktop)
have identical settings
      - is a diff of the settings tree sufficient?
   - how to rollback to a known good state
   - how to keep several team members (shared filesystem or separate
hosts) in sync or help new team members/contributors start quickly with
a preferred configuration
   - could people create local plugin repositories to achieve some of
those things?

- best practices for Linux developers (either upstream or Debian) using
things like the Eclipse CDT and Autotools support
   - for example, I notice the default clean is "distclean" but some
people may prefer a regular "clean", are there other gotchas like this?
   - another example: the autotools support can do things like running
configure but some people may prefer to do most of that from the command
line and only let Eclipse run the make command

I realize that due to the nature of Eclipse there are not easy answers
to some of these things but it would still be useful to have a quick
summary of things for the wiki.



1. https://wiki.debian.org/Eclipse/Packaging
2. https://packages.qa.debian.org/e/eclipse.html

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