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Re: Impact of the new Java release policy on Debian

Am 24.11.2017 um 11:05 schrieb Emmanuel Bourg:
> Hi all,
> Oracle has recently announced a new release policy for Java [1][2], to
> sum it up:


Well, like you said, provided that OpenJDK 11 is also a LTS version and
released in time before the freeze, we could try to make OpenJDK 11 the
default JRE but keep OpenJDK 8 as the default JDK. I think it is
unrealistic that we can fix all build failures in two months. We would
have a similar situation as in Wheezy again, two Java environments but
only one (OpenJDK 11) is supported with security updates during the LTS
cycle. The other one (OpenJDK 8) is intended for development and
rebuilding packages. I wouldn't mind if java-common would switch the
default JRE to OpenJDK 9 right now but we should keep OpenJDK 8 as the
default JDK.



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