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Re: The quilt / maven-helper dance

Le 26/11/2017 à 10:07, Christopher Hoskin a écrit :

> debclean calls "debuild -- clean" which calls dh_auto_clean, which
> invokes the clean function in maven.pm <http://maven.pm>. If the
> debian/maven-repo folder exists, maven is then invoked to run its own
> clean target using the unmodified upstream poms, which leads to error
> messages.

True, but maven-debian-helper finds and removes the target/ directories
even if 'mvn clean' fails, so this isn't critical.

> I'd suggest a patch more like the one below, which re-runs mh_patchpoms
> if necessary before calling mvn clean. Of course, this isn't fool proof
> - if the pom file needs a quilt patch for even mvn clean to run then
> there may be issues, but hopefully that's an edge case?

I don't know, but there is no risk trying since it won't break the
builds. Do you want to upload an updated version of maven-debian-helper
with your patch?

Emmanuel Bourg

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