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Re: Help needed: gradle + testng


Yesterday I have uploaded Gradle 3.4.1 to experimental. I have rebuilt
almost all reverse-dependencies of gradle/gradle-debian-helper by now
and so far it looks quite good with two notable regressions: mockito and bnd


Error  : Unexpected ProjectBuilder init,  error
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: A Jar can only accept a valid file
or directory: /build/bnd-2.4.1/biz.aQute.bnd.annotation/bin,


Cannot locate JAR for module 'junit' in distribution directory

I believe the bnd error is a compatibility issue and probably requires a
patch again.

Though mockito could also be a gradle packaging error hence I would
appreciate another look at this package before I'm going to upload
Gradle to unstable. I wonder why Gradle is only looking in
/usr/share/gradle (GRADLE_HOME) and not also in /usr/share/java. I
thought this patch [1] was responsible for searching in both
directories. In any case why is Gradle looking for a junit module?
Feedback is welcome.




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