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Re: The quilt / maven-helper dance

Dear Emmanuel,

Thank you for looking into this. However, I can see a problem:

debclean calls "debuild -- clean" which calls dh_auto_clean, which invokes the clean function in maven.pm. If the debian/maven-repo folder exists, maven is then invoked to run its own clean target using the unmodified upstream poms, which leads to error messages.

I'd suggest a patch more like the one below, which re-runs mh_patchpoms if necessary before calling mvn clean. Of course, this isn't fool proof - if the pom file needs a quilt patch for even mvn clean to run then there may be issues, but hopefully that's an edge case?


--- share/perl/maven.pm    2017-10-10 06:09:58.997821332 +0100
+++ /usr/share/perl5/Debian/Debhelper/Buildsystem/maven.pm    2017-11-26 08:40:02.469699934 +0000
@@ -119,10 +119,13 @@
         # clean up generated docs
         $this->doit_in_builddir("bash", "-c", "rm -f target/apidocs/*.sh target/apidocs/options");
+    $this->doit_in_sourcedir("mh_unpatchpoms", "-p$this->{package}");
+    doit("rm", "-f", "debian/stamp-poms-patched");
 sub clean {
     my $this=shift;
+    my @patch_args;
     # If this directory if absent, we must not have anything to clean;
     # don't populate the directory just to run a clean target.
@@ -132,6 +135,13 @@
                     push(@_, "clean");
+        if (! -e "debian/stamp-poms-patched") {
+                $this->doit_in_sourcedir("mh_patchpoms", "-p$this->{package}",
+                        "--debian-build", "--keep-pom-version",
+                        "--maven-repo=$this->{cwd}/debian/maven-repo", @patch_args);
+                doit("touch", "debian/stamp-poms-patched");
+        }
         $this->doit_in_builddir_noerror(@{$this->{maven_cmd}}, @_);
         doit("rm", "-r", "$this->{cwd}/debian/maven-repo");

On 25 November 2017 at 12:55, Emmanuel Bourg <ebourg@apache.org> wrote:
Le 25/11/2017 à 13:35, Emmanuel Bourg a écrit :

> Is it possible to get mh_unpatchpoms to run before quilt unpatch in the
> --after-build step? That would solve the issue.

I modified maven-debian-helper to call mh_unpatchpom at the end of the
install phase and it seems to work for a normal build:

--- a/share/perl/maven.pm
+++ b/share/perl/maven.pm
@@ -119,6 +119,9 @@ sub install {
                # clean up generated docs
                $this->doit_in_builddir("bash", "-c", "rm -f target/apidocs/*.sh target/apidocs/options");
+       $this->doit_in_sourcedir("mh_unpatchpoms", "-p$this->{package}");
+       doit("rm", "-f", "debian/stamp-poms-patched");

 sub clean {

I haven't tested with debuild -A / -B though.

Emmanuel Bourg

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