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Re: pkg-java upload queue

Am 09.03.2017 um 13:49 schrieb Frederic Bonnard:
> Hi,                                                                                                                                                                                                               
> I'd like to make available some sbt related packages that I pushed on
> mentors.d.o while waiting for them to go past the ftpmasters which may
> take more work and more time, so that maybe some other people can help
> bringing all the sbt deps packaged.
> I see there is a pkg-java upload queue mentionned on the wiki (
> https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/JavaPackaging ) but I didn't manage to
> upload there.
> If I use the dput configuration proposed as-is, I get a "Unknown upload
> method: sftp"
> If I replace sftp by scp, I get "Permission denied (publickey)."
> I tried adding a login parameter with my alioth account but it fails in
> the same way.
> So first : is it ok for the use I want to make of it ?
> Is the pkg-java upload queue still working ?
> What's wrong with my configuration ?
> Do I need some more rights ( I have a -guest account in alioth ) ?
> Thanks,

Hi Frederic,

the paragraph about the pkg-java upload queue was obsolete and I have
just removed it. I don't believe anyone from the team used it in the
past years.

I think the most common workflow is to file an ITP bug report, package
the software, create a new Git repository in /git/pkg-java on
git.debian.org with the setup-repository script and push everything to
your new repo. Then just ask on this list for a reviewer and sponsor of
your package and someone will assist you.

If you want to make your packages available for non pkg-java team
members, then mentors.d.o is the right place for it. Everyone can
download your package with dget -x, so you don't really need a separate



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