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Re: About manifest's Class-Path

Hi Frederic,

Le 27/02/2017 à 15:53, Frederic Bonnard a écrit :

> I  understand  that  I  should  provide the  list  of  jars  upon  which
> libsbt-serialization-java will depend on at runtime.
> Is my understanding right ?

This is correct.

> How do you handle this ? :
> - should I list all jars in libjson4s-java, libjawn-java and libscala-pickling-java ?

Only the direct dependencies should be listed, not the transitive ones.

> - may I run strace and see which jars are loaded ?
> Anything tips on how you deal with that ?

You can ignore this warning, it isn't very important and arguably flawed
for various reasons.

Emmanuel Bourg

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