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About manifest's Class-Path

I'm trying to fix a lintian which is the following :

W: libsbt-serialization-java: missing-classpath libjson4s-java, libjawn-java, libscala-pickling-java
N:    None of the jar files contained in the package declare a Class-Path in
N:    their manifest, but the package depends on at least one java library.
N:    That means that either the dependency is not needed or at least one of
N:    the JARs should include a classpath.
N:    It is important to keep the classpath up-to-date to allow the automatic
N:    detection of dependencies at run time. Having a Class-Path element in
N:    the manifest allows for painless transitions if the class path of the
N:    dependencies of the library ever changes.
N:    Failing to do that means that for every change in class path, all
N:    rdepends must update their wrapper scripts, which is a lot of work for
N:    nothing.
N:    Severity: normal, Certainty: possible
N:    Check: java, Type: binary

I  understand  that  I  should  provide the  list  of  jars  upon  which
libsbt-serialization-java will depend on at runtime.
Is my understanding right ?
How do you handle this ? :
- should I list all jars in libjson4s-java, libjawn-java and libscala-pickling-java ?
- may I run strace and see which jars are loaded ?
Anything tips on how you deal with that ?


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