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Re: install multiple versions of Java library

Le 28/02/2017 à 14:26, Jose Gutierrez de la Concha a écrit :

> Is there a way to disable the creation of the "debian" entries in
> maven-repo when using maven_repo_helper?

Hi Jose,

You just have to add a rule setting the version of the Maven artifacts
in debian/maven.rules. For example:

    com.zeroc ice * s/.*/3.6.x/ * *

I recommend doing this only for the older release, the latest release
remains with the generic 'debian' version.

You'll also have to rename the jar in /usr/share/java to avoid a
conflict, use --usj-name=ice-3.6 in debian/libzeroc-ice3.6-java.poms.

Emmanuel Bourg

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