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Re: gradle, dependencies and sdk jars

Le 07/07/2016 à 14:36, Emmanuel Bourg a écrit :
> Le 7/07/2016 à 13:43, Vincent Danjean a écrit :
>> - for now, I need to manually fill the debian/libhtsjdk-java.classpath
>>   file, mainly reading the "dependencies" part of build.gradle.
>>   It this the correct way to go or is there a way to automatically
>>   compute the classpath (and the packages dependencies) from the
>>   content of build.gradle?
> I recommended simply ignoring the classpath warnings displayed by
> Lintian. This is rarely useful, it can lead to classpath conflicts at
> runtime and it generates suboptimal dependency lists for javahelper
> based packages.

There are no lintian warnings. The fact is that, if I do not manually
fill the debian/libhtsjdk-java.classpath, then libhtsjdk-java do not
get its dependencies against other Debian java packages
(libngs-java, ...)
  My only remark is that I write the debian/libhtsjdk-java.classpath
manually, mainly translating the information from the "dependencies"
section of build.gradle. I was wondering if there is a tool to do it

  Or perhaps, you are recommending to not add the
debian/libhtsjdk-java.classpath file at all (but then writing the
dependencies directly in debian/control) ?
  If yes, il will do it (but the previous question still hold:
is there a tool to write dependencies in debian/control automatically
from build.gradle?)

>> - picard-tools is a similar package (upstream is the same as htsjdk).
>>   In its "dependencies" section, it has the following lines:
>>     //tools dependency for doclet requires sdk devel
>>     compile(files(((URLClassLoader) ToolProvider.getSystemToolClassLoader()).getURLs()))
>>   What are the jar that should be added to the classpath due to this line?
> You should be able to strip anything that is doclet related. This is
> used to customize the style of the Javadoc, and the default style is
> good enough for the Debian packages.

  The cited warning comes from the main binary invocation. Is it possible
that doclet is "called" during "normal" program invocation? In any case,
this seems benign to me and I prefer not to patch the software too

> You could also consider dropping the libpicard-java-doc package (near
> zero popcon).

  Ok. I will try to remember for the next upload.


> Emmanuel Bourg

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