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gradle, dependencies and sdk jars

Le 06/07/2016 à 10:03, Emmanuel Bourg a écrit :
> Le 6/07/2016 à 09:30, Vincent Danjean a écrit :
>>   I just realized that htsjdk will also need a pom file itself.
>> Where can I find documentation about pom files? How to create one
>> in a Debian package? It is necessarily manually (I'm afraid to miss
>> dependencies, especially when new upstream releases are packaged) ?
>> Is there some tools/helpers to create and/or maintain a pom file?
> If the build system doesn't provide or generate a pom file the easiest
> solution is to download it from Maven Central and store it in the debian
> directory. If you look at the packages built with gradle-debian-helper
> many of them do this.


  I also discovered jh_maven_repo_helper debhelper tool (I've been
confused a few hours with maven_repo_helper debhelper tool) and
I found the correct options in my poms file (--usj-name=... but
not --java-lib) in my case.
  If you want to check, this is in the htsjdk source package (just

  I still have two questions:

- for now, I need to manually fill the debian/libhtsjdk-java.classpath
  file, mainly reading the "dependencies" part of build.gradle.
  It this the correct way to go or is there a way to automatically
  compute the classpath (and the packages dependencies) from the
  content of build.gradle?

- picard-tools is a similar package (upstream is the same as htsjdk).
  In its "dependencies" section, it has the following lines:
    //tools dependency for doclet requires sdk devel
    compile(files(((URLClassLoader) ToolProvider.getSystemToolClassLoader()).getURLs()))
  What are the jar that should be added to the classpath due to this line?
  Can it be related to the following warning when running the binary:
  DEBUG	2016-07-07 13:41:30	ClassFinder	could not load class: picard.util.MetricsDocletjava.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/tools/doclets/standard/Standard


> Emmanuel Bourg

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