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Help with missing pom files


  More on the specific issue for the java team:

Le 06/07/2016 à 01:53, Vincent Danjean a écrit :
> [Adding java team in copy as they might help to complete this packaging]
>   I successfully compiled htsjdk on my system with the following
> limitation: ngs-java needs a pom file (none installed for now).
> I created one manually but it must be included correctly in the
> ngs-java package.
>   Can someone with more java/pom experience do it?
>   To test htsjdk compilation, I did:
>   sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/maven-repo/gov/nih/nlm/ncbi/ngs-java/debian/
>   sudo ln -fs ../../../../../../../java/ngs-java.jar /usr/share/maven-repo/gov/nih/nlm/ncbi/ngs-java/debian/ngs-java-debian.jar
>   and I created /usr/share/maven-repo/gov/nih/nlm/ncbi/ngs-java/debian/ngs-java-debian.pom
>   with the following contents:

  I just realized that htsjdk will also need a pom file itself.
Where can I find documentation about pom files? How to create one
in a Debian package? It is necessarily manually (I'm afraid to miss
dependencies, especially when new upstream releases are packaged) ?
Is there some tools/helpers to create and/or maintain a pom file?


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