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Re: package Apache James for Debian

On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 5:26 PM, Eric Charles <eric.charles@u-mangate.com> wrote:
I think you didn't send to debian-java@lists.debian.org (just click on reply-to-all to be sure).

On 23/08/11 11:38, ddave Dave wrote:
I have joined today and wish to participate on this. Event I am new to
java packaging under debian but might help you on Java part. Please let
me know.

Thanks & Regards
Devendra Dave

On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 2:16 PM, Eric Charles
<eric.charles@u-mangate.com <mailto:eric.charles@u-mangate.com>> wrote:

   On 23/08/11 01:14, Ioan Eugen Stan wrote:


       This year I participated in GSoC for the Apache James (Java
       email client) and I wish to package and maintain James for Debain.
       Eric my mentor just told me that I have been accepted as an Apache
       comiter for James so I will be able to support/advocate Debian
       packaging rules upstream. I think this will be beneficial both to
       Debian and Apache.

   client -> server :)

       An important aspect of James is that it is component based (on
       so it fits the Debian way of separating things. The current
       are: the mailets, jdkim library, mime4j library, jspf library, the
       mailbox implementations (jcr, maildir, jpa and now HBase), and
       I already found some of the components in Debian, others are


       Cool features for James are: it externalizes all email processing in
       Mailets (Java classes). So you can easy implement your business
       in a Mailet. Another cool stuff is that it now supports email
       and user
       storage over HBase (NoSQL). This feature is not that widespread
       e-mail servers so it will be a great addition.

       I already am a member of the Java team so I have write permission on
       Alioth, where the packaging part is kept. Unfortunately I don't
       have a
       lot of experience in packaging Java applications so I will need help
       here, most importantly to get me started. I don't have a clue
       yet, but
       I didn't gave it much taught either. I will also need someone to
       sponsor the packages.

       I don't have plans to do things over night. I imagine that this will
       take a few months to complete.


       [1] http://james.apache.org/


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Thanks & Regards
Devendra Dave

Thanks & Regards
Devendra Dave

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