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package Apache James for Debian


This year I participated in GSoC for the Apache James (Java enterprise
email client) and I wish to package and maintain James for Debain.
Eric my mentor just told me that I have been accepted as an Apache
comiter for James so I will be able to support/advocate Debian
packaging rules upstream. I think this will be beneficial both to
Debian and Apache.

An important aspect of James is that it is component based (on Spring)
so it fits the Debian way of separating things. The current components
are: the mailets, jdkim library, mime4j library, jspf library, the
mailbox implementations (jcr, maildir, jpa and now HBase), and other.
I already found some of the components in Debian, others are missing.

Cool features for James are: it externalizes all email processing in
Mailets (Java classes). So you can easy implement your business logic
in a Mailet. Another cool stuff is that it now supports email and user
storage over HBase (NoSQL). This feature is not that widespread among
e-mail servers so it will be a great addition.

I already am a member of the Java team so I have write permission on
Alioth, where the packaging part is kept. Unfortunately I don't have a
lot of experience in packaging Java applications so I will need help
here, most importantly to get me started. I don't have a clue yet, but
I didn't gave it much taught either. I will also need someone to
sponsor the packages.

I don't have plans to do things over night. I imagine that this will
take a few months to complete.


[1] http://james.apache.org/
Ioan Eugen Stan

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