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[Summery] Re: Integrating the FOSDEM 06 Draft into the Java Policy

I will just give a quick summery, in case you lost the overview of this

Currently there are three patches active:
 * p1_trival_changes.patch
 * p2_fosdem06_r3.patch
 * p3_fosdem06-gcj.patch

I just noticed that my email client have behaved weirdly when I sent the
last two and have made all three patches (plus the
p2_fosdem_r2-r3.interdiff) available via [1].

The current status is that I will apply p1_trival_changes.patch and
p2_fosdem06_r3.patch tomorrow. I am currently waiting for feedback on

If I get no feedback on p3_fosdem06-gcj.patch before Monday I will
assume all parties involved are satisfied and will apply it then.


[1] http://www.student.dtu.dk/~s072425/debian/policy/

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