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Re: Eclipse 3.5


I figured now would be a good time to come with a little update.

Manuel Prinz wrote:
> thanks a lot for your status update! I think that was very informative
> for a lot of users and --as I read it-- pretty good news for those
> waiting for the new Eclipse version.

I think I can do a little better than that today. ;-)

Quoting myself:
>> The long answer is that we need to patch 6 dependencies, where of at
>> least 2 needs to go through the NEW queue (meaning they will probably be
>> stalled up to a week or two) and our build system need to be
>> patched/updated to handle 3 of the these after they have been patched. I
>> am thinking 2 to 4 weeks depending on the NEW queue and how much time
>> Benjamin and I can put into the package.

Both jasper and jetty are ready for uploading (see my respective RFS on
these). Matthew Johnson had a look at them, but by the time I had
addressed his comments, he had been overloaded. He said he might be busy
until the weekend and that I was free to seek other sponsors in the
meantime. So, by all means feel free to have look at them if you have
some time.

I also just recently put of asm3 for sponsoring, which is the last
dependency missing (besides the two above).
  The attentive reader may have noticed that I wrote that I needed to
patch 6 dependencies but have only RFS'ed 4 packages. It turns out that
the oldest trick in the book works even for eclipse (yupe - I rm'ed them).
  While the tarball has "unrelated" embedded jars (eclipse-build just
pulled everything from the upstream cvs/svn); the three mentioned above
are sadly not among them. I have left Benjamin in charge of repacking
the tarball, after which I can commit my last changes (e.g. update of

Manuel Prinz wrote:
> I have no information about the current release dates but IIRC the
> freeze was thought to be in March. I'd recommend to ask ftp-master to
> fast-track those packages in NEW. It would be a shame if your work would
> not make it into the next release because it was stuck in NEW for too
> long.

That might be a good idea especially since eclipse will end in NEW as
well (we have introduced a eclipse-platform-data to get rid of a lintian

Manuel Prinz wrote:
> I'd like to say: Thank you very much for your work on Eclipse! You and
> Benjamin (and maybe even more people, who I'm not aware of) did a great
> job in your packaging work. It's visible on this list and I guess there
> are a lot of people out there watching the progress for the last few
> months, appreciating what you have achieved so far! Please keep up the
> good work! I'm very thankful for it, at least.

I appreciate the thought, but the truth be told, we owe most of it to
eclipse-build and Fedora. They had made eclipse "almost build-able" by
the time we showed up - modulo the 5-10ish patches we had (and have yet)
to send upstream. I honestly do not think we would be ready anytime soon
without them.


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