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Re: RFS: sunflow

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Hi Damien,
Damien Raude-Morvan wrote:
> debian/copyright:
> missing "(C) 2006 by Mad Crew" from
> exporters/maya/sunflowExporter/src/skylight.cpp
> exporters/maya/sunflowExporter/src/sunskyConstants.h
> exporters/maya/sunflowExporter/src/skylight.h
> debian/control:
> - I'm not sure about your move "Section: from graphics to java", but YMMV.
> - I'm not really found of "Removed VCS fields" item :) AFAIK, sunflow is
> in in collab-maint [1] and I tend to prefer package to be maintained in
> some sort of $VCS 
> (Gabriele, we already had this discussion :).
I took a look at my mail archive and no, we didn't have it :) You talked
to someone else.
I got your point but I tend to prefer the opposite.
Anyway, pushed [1]
> debian/patches/20_disable_wheel_movement:
> Can you explain what was your build failure with this method ?
> (and, by the way, add this explenation to patch header)
> #addMouseWheelListener() exist in Java API since 1.4
Build failure disappeared :| so now mouse wheel works too.
Patch removed.
> debian/rules:
> - You are using debian/docs and dh_install release/javadoc/*
> usr/share/doc/sunflow/html : you should make a choice
> - You should register your docs with doc-base
> - ... but I don't think there added value by providing Javadoc for Java
> applications
Until now, I tried to modify as less as possible Cyril's work because
svn snapshot shouldn't be too much different from the latest Debian
version 0.07.2 and even because Cyril is a DD and we all trust in his
work, don't we? :)
"no added value with javadoc for java apps": THIS is a discussion we had
for jxplorer and I removed javadoc.
IMHO, this case is different because sunflow is a dependency of
sweethome3d which uses sunflow's API in svn snapshot version (that's why
I'm packaging it). Would adding -doc binary be better?
What about following this draft about javadoc?


[1] git://git.debian.org/collab-maint/sunflow.git
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


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