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Re: Building the Eclipse SDK (eclipse-build)

* Matthew Johnson <mjj29@debian.org> [2009-06-18 17:37]:
> include these paths in the eclipse jar manifest (or  similar) so that
> they are also picked up from there at runtime.

This would break compatibility with upstream.  I see no reason to
diverge from the Require-Bundle or Import-Package statements.  As long
as the underlying packages have the proper OSGi metadata in them and are
in a place that the runtime (Equinox) looks, we'll have no issues.
Perhaps what you are really after is telling Equinox to look in multiple

> With the additional bonus that javahelper (or similar tools in other
> distros) can calculate the dependencies on other packages
> automatically.

In Fedora, we're planning on adding the OSGi metadata (provides,
requires, etc.) to the RPMs themselves so there will be no need for
explicit runtime requirements.


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