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Re: icedtea status?

2008/1/6, Michael Koch <konqueror@gmx.de>:
> I have to say I agree with Petter. I would say that stuff can go to main
> when it works on one or two or three archs and not others with free
> runtimes. Runtimes will get bug reports that stuff dont works on certain
> platforms and people will work on this. This will encourage even more
> people...

I don't agree and I think it's a sort of lie. There has been two or
three years that we agreed to take gcj as our reference free vm. A
package that could be built and run with gcj is considered completely
free and can move to main. Now, if we move every packages to main
because they can be built and run with openjdk, we send a bad message
to our users.

Anyway, Michael, thanks for working on Icedtea and I will not waste
time to send bug reports on packages that moved to main but should
IMHO remain in contrib.


Arnaud Vandyck

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