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File locations: EAR, WAR, XML datasource


Are there standard directory locations for the following types of files which are normally deployed to a J2EE container:

- EAR and WAR files

- XML datasource files

By default, containers like JBoss look inside their own directory structure (e.g. /opt/jboss/server/default/deploy) - however, they can be configured to look in a central location (e.g. /usr/share/java/deploy perhaps). This would enable WAR files and EAR files to be packaged without worrying about whether the user will install Jonas, JBoss, Tomcat or something else.

I've looked in the Debian Java FAQ (EJB and Servlet sections) and also the Wiki (link below) and couldn't find an existing answer to this question.


Also, defining such a directory would probably mean we need to define some dependencies, such as `j2ee-war-container', and `j2ee-ejb-container'. These dependencies would be satisfied by packages such as Tomcat, and could be used to ensure that two conflicting containers were not installed.




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