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Re: Some progress with freeing openjump

[Wolfgang Baer]
> You may want to look in the exiting old jump package in the debian
> gis repository to find a manpage and other stuff maybe also usefull
> for openjump.

Right.  I'm not sure if we want to package jump or openjump.
Apparently both projects are developed in parallel.

> Well, as it depends on Swing it may or may not be already usable
> with free runtimes - needs to be tested.

Yes.  I did a quick build test, but failed. :(

Ended up using the prebuild Buoy.jar to continue focusing on openjump.

> Just remove the stuff - I saw on the other list you already have done this.

Actually, I used an older version of jdom to avoid the problem.

> They are not used and you have already removed these imports
> according to the other list :-)

Yes.  Obsolete imports, I believe.

> The JPEG stuff should be migrated to to the imageio apis, see:
> http://developer.classpath.org/mediation/ClasspathMigration

Hm.  It is probably a good idea.  only ~10 lines of code should be

> The ImageIO Jpeg stuff is currently being worked on. Beside that the
> Graphics2D reimplementation is needed to make OpenJump work at all.

Yeah.  First step is to get it to build.  Next is to get it
working. :)

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