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Classpath problems with openjump, and packaging buoy (Was: [PATCH] Drop the com.sun.image depend and make openjump more portable)

[Wolfgang Baer]
> Hi all,
> this is now going to be GNU classpath specific. I just post to the openjump
> list to let them know that its not a problem in their codebase.

I know.  But the question was what kind of errors are now showing up
with classpath, so I decided to show them. :)

> Petter, please followup in private or debian-java list as this is no
> longer openjump specific.

Yes, lets move this to debian-java.

> > JUMP: Warning: Extensions directory does not exist: /usr/share/openjump/ext
> > org.jdom.input.JDOMParseException: Error on line 2: required string: "?>"
> This a character conversion issue caused by the way jump processes
> xml. This is caused by our new stax based sax parser. I will debug
> the problem a bit more and report it to our (GNU classpath) bug
> system so Chris can have a look at it.

Great.  I've started packaging buoy, to get the last dependency in
place.  It build just fine with ecj and kaffe, and I'm just waiting
for my write access in pkg-java to go throught, and will commit it to

I could use some help with the javadoc handling.  I am able to build a
docs/ directory full of files, but do not know what to do with it.
Any good examples I could look at to see install rules for these

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