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Re: IMPORTANT [RFS] liblog4j1.2-java build from sources

Stefan Gybas <sgybas@debian.org> writes:

> Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
>> If you have the time to test the package, and send feedbacks, it is
>> *very* important so maybe Benoit or I could upload it and close
>> #221236. This bug render liblog4j1.2-java not a valid candidate for
>> sarge, that means some java packages won't be valid candidates for
>> sarge, but also, nearly *all* the jakarta package (they use
>> commons-logging which depends on log4j!) will not be able to build!
> Commons Logging build depends on Log4J but it does not depend on
> it. Commons Logging can use other logging implementations, e.g. in JDK
> 1.4 or System.out, if Log4J is not available. This means that you also
> don't need Log4J to build other packages that use Commons Loggin.
> I think libcommons-logging-java should only suggest log4j, not depend on
> it. This will not help us for other Java packages in main but it will
> help getting packages from unstable to testing.


We can change this behaviour about libcommons-logging-java but what
about liblog4j1.2-java? Do I upload my version of the package?

No answer from Benoit...


 : :' :rnaud
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