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Re: IMPORTANT [RFS] liblog4j1.2-java build from sources

Arnaud Vandyck wrote:

If you have the time to test the package, and send feedbacks, it is
*very* important so maybe Benoit or I could upload it and close
#221236. This bug render liblog4j1.2-java not a valid candidate for
sarge, that means some java packages won't be valid candidates for
sarge, but also, nearly *all* the jakarta package (they use
commons-logging which depends on log4j!) will not be able to build!

Commons Logging build depends on Log4J but it does not depend on it. Commons Logging can use other logging implementations, e.g. in JDK 1.4 or System.out, if Log4J is not available. This means that you also don't need Log4J to build other packages that use Commons Loggin.

I think libcommons-logging-java should only suggest log4j, not depend on it. This will not help us for other Java packages in main but it will help getting packages from unstable to testing.


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