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Re: [PROPOSAL] 4. RfD for a new debian java policy

Hallo Etienne,

* Etienne Gagnon wrote:
>  eclipse -consolelog -vm /usr/bin/sablevm -vmargs
>/usr/bin/sablevm *IS* *NOT* argument compatible with Sun's Java.  If
>you want to run SableVM using a Sun compatible argument/environment
>(e.g. $CLASSPATH), you should use /usr/bin/java-sablevm.

Just done it and the result is unfortunatelly the same as in using
'--classpath="..." (changed the script itself for the test): It
crashes, but without any error message:

jan@snoopy:~$ eclipse -vm /usr/bin/java-sablevm -consolelog
Including user settings ~/.eclipse/eclipserc...
Using /home/jan/workspace for workspace
Using /usr/bin/java-sablevm as java virtual machine...
CRASH: Check /home/jan/workspace/.metadata/.log for errors. Also, read
/usr/share/doc/eclipse-platform/README.Debian for possible
reasons, why eclipse crashed.

At least it doesn't need the '-vmargs' hack. Seems that the 'give java
stack 256MB' option is working well :)

>Maybe you should file a bug report to get this documented in the man page. 

Addd to TODO :) If this proposal gets through, you might consider
using 'java-sablevm' as the 'findjava' VM instead of 'sablevm'.

>Note: Using Debian's alternative system, you can set /usr/bin/java as an 
>alias for /usr/bin/java-sablevm.

Ok, foolish of me not to do it. Thanks for pointing that out!

>Have fun!

Unfortunatelly not enough :( Is there any switch to enable more
verbose output about *why* it failed?


Jan Schulz                     jasc@gmx.net
     "Wer nicht fragt, bleibt dumm."

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