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Re: [PROPOSAL] 3. RfD on new debian java policy

> So what? I just compiled kdelibs4, to get the -dev package working
> with experimental Xfree4.3 (xlibs-pic -> xlibs-static-pic). It took me
> half a day (yes, that was my first such compile problem...) to figure
> out, why it didn't configure on my newly installed unstable. Until I
> saw how the kde_qtsubversion variable was initialised: it is set in
> all cases to '1', but the latest qt version in unstable is '2'. I don't
> think that anyone bothers to test their packages, when one of the
> dependencies changed.

Look, regardless of what point you might be trying to make, you are
using a really bad example.  The KDE people have done very large amounts
of testing with the Qt 3.1 -> 3.2 upgrade, and are in fact are about to
offer KDE 3.1.4, a bugfix release whose primary purpose is to fix all
remaining issues with the Qt 3.1 -> 3.2 migration.  The KDE packagers
are also aware of these issues, and are simply awaiting the official KDE
3.1.4 before they do a new upload.

> So you find it acceptable, if one has 5 java packages, which need 5
> different JVM, *althought* one of this JVM will run all 5 packages?
> I'm still behind a ISDN line, so download time matters. I also don't
> have another hundred MB HD place just to satisfy package dependencies,
> which would be satisfied by only one package.

To take the most prominent free JVMs (kaffe, gij, sablevm):

kaffe: Installed-Size: 4896
gij-3.3: Installed-Size: 28
libgcj4: Installed-Size: 12488
sablevm: Installed-Size: 88
libsablevm1: Installed-Size: 361
libsablevm-classlib1-java: Installed-Size: 9532
libsablevm-native1: Installed-Size: 252

Total: 27645

That's 28Mb.  Hardly "another hundred MB".  And btw, those three JVMs
combined are still only *half* of the size of j2re1.4.

j2re1.4: Installed-Size: 53020


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