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Re: Desperately Trying To Install J2RE 1.3.1 or J2SDK 1.3.1

amason@ix.netcom.com writes:

> Problem is I can't seem to find a debian package which isn't broken.
> They all seem to depend on J2se-common, which I can't find anywhere.
> I even searched for it on Google.  I'm surprised there wasn't more
> mention of it in the debian lists, etc..  BTW, I am trying to
> install from the FTP site in France, mentioned on the Blackdown list
> of mirrors.  I tried the US one (Tux), but it is always maxed (150
> connections).
> At this point I'm figuring the only way to install this is using one
> of the BIN versions (though from which site I don't know, advice
> please).  For this I'm looking at the directions from:
> http://www.blackdown.org/java-linux/java2-status/INSTALL-1.3-j2sdk

The instructions are a bit outdated.  To get j2se-common you have to
add "main" to the apt line shown on that site, ie. use something like

deb ftp://<mirror>/<path-to-java-directory>/debian woody non-free main


Juergen Kreileder, Blackdown Java-Linux Team

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