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Desperately Trying To Install J2RE 1.3.1 or J2SDK 1.3.1


I having been searching the newsgroups for days now, trying to find out how to
install Java 1.3.1, Preferably the SDK, but at this point I'll settle for just
the JRE.  I am ultimately going to install Oracle 8i and 9i.  Oracle calls for
the 1.1.8, but I suspect it will also work with 1.3.1 (if someone knows
otherwise let me know).  I also want the 1.3.1 (vs the 1.1.8) so I can use it
for some misc Java work.

Here's what I know (or at least think).
Use the Blackdown version:

Problem is I can't seem to find a debian package which isn't broken.  They all
seem to depend on J2se-common, which I can't find anywhere.  I even searched
for it on Google.  I'm surprised there wasn't more mention of it in the debian
lists, etc..  BTW, I am trying to install from the FTP site in France,
mentioned on the Blackdown list of mirrors.  I tried the US one (Tux), but it
is always maxed (150 connections).

At this point I'm figuring the only way to install this is using one of the
BIN versions (though from which site I don't know, advice please).  For this
I'm looking at the directions from:

Again, I would prefer a Debian package, from some sort of official (i.e.
somewhat trusted) site.

Sorry for the long post.  Any help would be greatly apreciated (did I say


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