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Re: Which JSP Engine

Nicolai P Guba wrote:
Any body got some views about jetty? I might consider moving a whole project back to apache because of quite a few nasty problems we had with jboss and catalina.

I've got some views about jetty - but then I've written most of it, so they may
be a little biased.

Jetty's approach is a lot simpler than tomcats, all we want to be is simple,
fast, compliant and embeded in other peoples applications (ibm netview, cisco sesm)
or infrastructure (like jboss, jxta, etc).

I think Tomcat's approach is a lot more kitchen-sink, ie they are building a
whole app-server that includes J2EE but lots of other stuff as well.

The feedback I get from users is that Jetty has always been a lot more
stable than tomcat and we are certainly more responsive if any problems
are found.   When users have put jetty vs tomcat under stress on big SMP
boxes, to my knowledge Jetty has always won on stability and performance.

We have historically been very fast, although we have slipped a bit while
implementing the 2.3 spec, which tomcat has improved.   For low loads, we are
about the same latency as tomcat 4.   I still think we scale a lot better
and degrade more elegantly under excessive load.

We have just started the 4.1.x series of Jetty, where we are trying to
the performance back to the top of the league tables.


Maybe that's a bit unfair. It could be jboss that's the culprit. Nevertheless, this decision has set us back by a bit.... Not nice... Grrr.

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