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jdk 1.4.0_01 on woody

Title: jdk 1.4.0_01 on woody

Hello guys,

I've just install woody on my Compaq EVO N600c and I use the vesa driver for the Radeon mobility card. I also install the new jdk 1.4.0_01 and I've got a problem running netbeans.

So I try the Font2DTest.jar demo. Everything works fine UNLESS I check "Antialiasing".
The error out gives me :
java.lang.InternalError: not implemented yet
        at sun.awt.X11SurfaceData.getRaster(X11SurfaceDate.java:155)

I tried it with windowmaker, blackbox and sawfish (the jdk is certified on RH with these window manager).

Does anyone encountered this problem ?

Is there any known issue ?

Thanks all for your help.

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