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Re: Which JSP Engine

"Blue Trance" <bluetrance1980@hotmail.com> writes:
> Can anyone offer me some advice on what is a good JSP engine to use in terms of stability, speed, and no huge server overheads to have the thing running. 
> So far I ahve looked at 
> * Tomcat
> *Jetty

  We (at Openwave) decided to support our app on Resin as a cheap
  alternative to Websphere. Apparently, it performs better than Tomcat
  but I haven't seen the numbers.

  Me? I develop on Tomcat. We've hit a couple of things that Tomcat
  handled that Resin did not (I haven't checked the specs to see if
  Tomcat was liberal or Resin was buggy). Tomcat puts out better errors
  in the log file. Debugging under Resin is like playing darts

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