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Re: Which JSP Engine

On Wednesday 05 June 2002 6:23 am, Bill Wohler wrote:
>   Me? I develop on Tomcat. We've hit a couple of things that Tomcat
>   handled that Resin did not (I haven't checked the specs to see if
>   Tomcat was liberal or Resin was buggy). Tomcat puts out better errors
>   in the log file. Debugging under Resin is like playing darts
>   blindfolded.

Ooooh.  I've got excactly the same impression.  Only that my impression is 
that tomcat is particularly buggy about things.  Especially catalina and it's 
broken security implementation.  Arrrrrgh.

Any body got some views about jetty?  I might consider moving a whole project 
back to apache because of quite a few nasty problems we had with jboss and 

Maybe that's a bit unfair.  It could be jboss that's the culprit.  
Nevertheless, this decision has set us back by a bit....  Not nice...  Grrr.

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