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Re: Packages that require Java 2 ?

On Saturday 08 September 2001 00:15, Juergen Kreileder wrote:
> Egon Willighagen <egonw@sci.kun.nl> writes:
> > I totally agree with your plans to change the policy to include a
> > java2-virtual-machine concept...
> I don't see much value in "java2-virtual-machine" unless it actually
> means a complete Java 2 runtime environment.

Oh, but it is... Java2 programs can then "depend" on this 
java2-virtual-machine... Java2 implementations like your new packages will
provide this "java2-virtual-machine" package... it is much easier then
updating each program when a news java2 VM somes into play (not that that
happens much...)

Anyway, it is Debian policy that Java VM's must provide 
java-virtual-machine... the upcoming proposal is that J2VM's must provide
java2-virtual-machine as well...

The java2-virtual-machine package itself does not even exist(, i think)...

> Our new packages currently provide j2re and j2re<major>.<minor>.
>         Juergen


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