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Re: Packages that require Java 2 ?

> java2-virtual-machine and java2-compiler are both appropriate at some
> point, but as there isn't even *one* Java2 environment officially in
> Debian yet, I think you're jumping the gun.

Have a look through the debian-java archives; unless I've read it wrong,
it seems the blackdown java2 environment is about to hit incoming.  And
given that, it would seem better to sort all this out now than later. :)

> BTW, WTF is with a java-runtime-environment-dummy package?  That
> abomination should be shot forthwith!

I believe the point behind this is that people may have their own
3rd-party JVMs installed which aren't packaged for debian (such as the
blackdown port as of up to now).  JVMs are (alas) sufficiently individual
and all of sufficiently different levels of sophistication and
completeness that you can't really just say "go install one of the debian
JVMs instead".


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