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Importance of a free jvm

Hi Alex, I shouldn't have judge your opinion by your experience in Java
programming, my apology.  As long as you are programming in java we are 
happy to discuss here. I change the title so as to stop the flame from 

> Unless I'm mistaken, changes to the core Java APIs are slowing down. Presumably because they're perfect now. ;) Seriously, though, Java 2 1.3 has been out for a while, and I haven't heard any talk of 1.4 or 2.0 or anything like that. I assume the reason Kaffe et al are so behind par is because Java was a moving target, but I don't see that being a problem anymore.

Afaik the specification is somewhat frozen from sometime, new extention
will be in form of external APIs. I may be wrong, or SUN may feel like 
itchy to chage it again. :>

I didn't really mean I want Kaffe die because it's funded by Microsoft,
but I don't like the way they maintain the package, and yes, I
personally think someone has behind all these, but it's just my own
A free Java like Kaffe is so important to Java community as it can be 
distributed with apps without too much license restriction. It's 
especially important for handheld device, where having those users 
download external SDK to use your java programs is out of question.

> And yes, the Java code I write is generally not anything to do with the Web. My last little project (not much of a project, but hey) was a Doom WAD reader/writer.

It's cool I'd like to see that. All my Java program are developed as
applets, no matter whether I need to run on web or not. The reason is
that I can turn an applet into an app by coding few lines of main(), thus
developing into applets can give you more flexibilities. Just my
personal opinion, what do you think about it?


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