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Re: Quitting debian-java

Alex, do you have reading problem?

Do you need me to finger-point what was his argument?

> > Java programs than me. And I have to admit my lack of competence, too. 
> > Certainly, you can run Freenet, xt or Cocoon with kaffe.

> > > If this were the case, why does GNU seem to
> > > wholeheartedly support it? They even have a page devoted to GNU Java
> > > software!
> > 
> > Updated: 20 Jan 2000 rms 
> > 
> > Enough said.
> Is this guy really even worth replying to? Sheesh... Come back and talk to
> me when you have a fscking clue. Thanks.

It is you who need to get some clue.


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