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Re: Quitting debian-java

> I _am_ a Java programmer. Insult me like that again, and I'll give you a
> well-deserved line in my .procmailrc.
I'm just curious, what _kind_ of java programmer you are? You don't need
to test compability among different VMs; you can do without
java.security and work with Kaffe happily. You don't ever need to worry
about distribution issue of your java apps.

Are we living in the same planet earth?

Or, what you mean by java programming is writing word editor run
locally, just like Per said?

Honestly I really wish free/GNU ones would catch up, but seems like
commercial one are taking lead further and further. Take a look at the
update date of Kaffe. It doesn't seem like a temporary problem to me.


> The fact that there are no Free JVMs/compilers at present is a temporary
> problem. Java is, in effect, non-free for now, but this will change when
> these projects approach completion. Java is not really a moving target as
> far as I can tell, so the free implementations _will_ catch up to Sun.
> > As for GNU's support for Java, it's encouraging development of free
> > alternatives to Sun/IBM's JDKs, but it's not-quite-here-yet(tm).
> Again, insert statement about the temporary nature of the problem here.
> Regards,
> Alex.
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