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Re: Quitting debian-java


Sorry, I'm feeling rather cranky at the moment. Maybe I shouldn't have
gone through my mail...



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On Sun, 4 Mar 2001, Ben Burton wrote:

> Fwiw, one may observe the following snippets from postings five minutes apart 
> to debian-java and debian-devel:
> On Sun,  4 Mar 2001 20:29, Alexander Hvostov wrote:
> > Is this guy really even worth replying to? Sheesh... Come back and talk to
> > me when you have a fscking clue. Thanks.
> On Sun,  4 Mar 2001 20:24, Alexander Hvostov wrote:
> > Regarding my lack of a clue, you could try enlightening me, rather than
> > insulting me. You should know by now that insulting people doesn't
> > generally create anything useful.
> Just struck me as curious.  Yes, I believe Stephane is worth replying to; if 
> (s)he believes it then probably so do others, so your additional constructive 
> arguments will not be wasted.
> Ben. :)
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