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Re: Newbie blackdown problem

* Matthew Sherborne <Matthews@softtech.co.nz> [010312 12:29]:
> I'm using the jde package, originally with the blackdown compiler etc.

Hmm. I have the j2sdk1.3 package installed. If you add the line:
deb ftp://metalab.unc.edu/pub/linux/devel/lang/java/blackdown.org/debian woody non-free

to your /etc/apt/sources.list file you can use apt to get and install
it. (Note the line is probably wrapped .. it should all fit on one line
in your sources.list file.) Note the license isn't DFSG-compliant, but
depending upon your needs you may need to accept it all the same.

> I couldn't get the blackdown "java" program to run my program. It says 
> java.lang.NoClassDef("HelloWorld"); (or something like that)

It depends on the program you are trying to compile and how you are
running java. I'll give a sample program to try compiling at the end of
the email..

> I'd like to use packaged, open-sourcish stuff if available.

Hmm. Again, depending upon your needs you may not be able to do this.
Not all packaged systems support all features. (Well, we had a
reasonable flame-thread about this in the last few weeks. :)

> Please give reccomendations of good 1.3 jdks and tools that I can try out.

Hmm. Blackdown/Sun is your only option for 1.3 afaik. IBM's SDK may be
1.3 by now, but it wasn't the last time I tried it. You can also use gcj
(part of the gcc suite of tools, in the 'gcj' package in Debian) or
Kaffe (package 'kaffe'). I don't recall if any progress has been made on
Jikes in a long time (I thought it was subsumed into the IBM tools, but
I certainly could be wrong on this point). GNU ClassPath is attempting
to implement the API from scratch, but (IIRC) requires one of the other
compilers to make anything go. API only.

As for IDEs, I am partial to Sun's Forte for Java. Again, I don't think
it is DFSG-Free, but it is one of the nicer ones I have tried and
because it is written in Java it is platform independant. (And is the
slowest-to-load program I have *ever* seen. :)

Once upon a time I may have known more of the available options.
However, as time went on I discovered that Sun's JDK was more
stable/easier to use, etc and because I am not writing software that
anyone else cares about, its license was adequate for me.

Good luck.

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