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Debian packager's block

Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer@debian.org> writes:

> Another reason is the lack of standards in the way compilers and VMs
> are run, making the installation of every new jar a problem (defining
> environment variables, etc). The proposed Java policy tried to solve
> this and I would suggest that work on it resume. It is a tough job:
> everybody will disagree, few will suggest workable and proven
> solutions.

With all these issues, I can't seem to stop getting stuck just trying to
think about the right approach for packaging BRL and Kawa.  Not only is
there the jar/repository issue, but BRL has all the packaging issues
gnujsp has -- multiple servlet engines, how to configure them, etc.
Should I just copy what was done for gnujsp (haven't actually looked at
it yet), keep trying to think of the "right" solution, or beg an
experienced packager to do BRL and Kawa for me?  Both packages use
automake/autoconf and follow GNU conventions.

Bruce R. Lewis				http://brl.sourceforge.net/

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