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Free replacements for non-free software (Re: Quitting debian-java)

(followups set to debian-devel; please take this off of debian-java if

On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 09:57:11PM -0800, Alexander Hvostov wrote:

> I hope DMFR behaves differently, then, because I will probably miss
> non-free. I have about a page worth of non-free software installed:
> - Blender (every once in a while, I use it and hope it doesn't crash X)
> - glimpse (depended on by dhelp, I believe)

A package in main depending on a non-free package?  I think not:

Package: dhelp
Suggests: httpd, glimpse (>= 4.0-1), info2www, man2html

> - mpg123 (for that occasional time when X just _won't_ work, at which point
> oggenc also gets used a lot ;)

Have you tried mpg321?

> - rar (for sending to windoze users who can't read bzip2)
> - unarj (for receiving from windoze users who can't write bzip2)

I've found that zip and unzip are much more familiar to users of Microsoft
operating systems, and InfoZIP is free software.

> - unzip (why is this non-free?)

It isn't.  It's non-US.  Did vrms really list this?  It doesn't on my system.

 - mdz

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