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Re: Quitting debian-java


It is not Java that is non-free; it is Sun's implementation that is
non-free. Sun was very thoughtful about this sort of problem, and they
decided to not only allow but encourage clean-room implementations of
their Java platform. This prevents vendor lock-in, and it also allows one
to choose for themselves whether to run their code on a free or non-free
JVM, and to switch JVMs at their whim. I'm quite content to run Sun's JDK
until a completely functional free implementation is available, which,
contrary to popular opinion, _will_ happen sooner or later. Also, I see no
reason why you can't write free Java code and have it run on a non-free
JVM. It's like the GNU tools ported to MS Windows -- free software running
on a non-free platform.



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On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

> [If you want me to read your messages, copy them to me: I've unsubscribed.]
> I'm changing, I'm leaving for a new employer and, in my new office, I will no longer use Java (which is a good thing for me, see hereunder).
> Therefore, I stop maintaining java-common (I will send an official ITO unless someone steps in really fast) and the proposed Java policy.
> One of the reasons I stop using Java is that it is too painful when you are commited to free software: most real programs depend on non-free (JDK >= 1.3, Swing). Even for those who do not, gcj and kaffe (unlike jikes) are, in their released versions, far from being 100 % ready. At least for kaffe, the problems of insufficient releases is worse in Debian because the package is too old.
> Worse, many people in the free software world seem to care very little about the problem (the Apache group is a terrible example).
> Another reason is the lack of standards in the way compilers and VMs are run, making the installation of every new jar a problem (defining environment variables, etc). The proposed Java policy tried to solve this and I would suggest that work on it resume. It is a tough job: everybody will disagree, few will suggest workable and proven solutions.
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